Situne are continuously adding features in our products, this means that you will need to upgrade the firmware on the products from time to time. This instruction shows you how simple it is to upgrade the firmware over bluetooth.


  • Situne device will need to be connected to power (12V)
  • iPhone / iPad with iOS 10.0 or newer
  • App needs to be paired to the Sensor Hub (see article)


  1. Open SmartDash application on the iOS device
  2. Touch the "MENU" Button
  3. Touch the "MY DEVICES" menu option
  4. Touch the device line matching your paired device
    This shows you the setup menu, and will show you the device you have paired, in this case serial number #00008. Touch that line to go into "Device specific" menu for that device
  5. Scroll down past the CAN 1 and CAN 2 setups and find the "FIRMWARE" section and the "Upgrade Firmware" option
    Touch the "Upgrade Firmware"
  6. This shows the firmware update screen
    This screen shows the Current Radio and Current Main FW in use on the Sensor Hub
  7. Touch the "Download new" button to download the latest firmware from the Situne Website to the application
  8. The button text will then change to "Upgrade Device"
  9. The application will then start the upgrade process with upgrading the radio firmware first, this is shown in the progress bar

  10.  After completing the Radio FW, the app will continue on to the Main FW upload process

  11. After the Main FW upload process, the flashing of the main controller will start

  12. After flashing of the main controller, the firmware upgrade is complete, and now you can touch the back button to get back to the main screen.


  • It might be good to restart the device after a firmware upgrade.