This article describes how to import data from a Situne VLM280 SD-Card into Track Attack.


  • You will need a windows or mac based machine with Track Attack v129 or newer installed.
  • SD Card reader, either internal or external.
  • SD Card from VLM280 with video and log files on it.


Start by opening up the Track Attack Desktop Application, and select import button and select "from Smart Dash SD-Card" as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking the application will scan for SD Cards that contains VLM280 data. The next dialog box will show the drives that have been found:

In this picture we see that one SD Card has been detected, the File Browser button can be used if the card is not detected (See Troubleshooting on the bottom of this article).

Click the SD Card icon (Here "SD Card I:/") to continue

The card file structure will then be read:

After this has completed, you will be presented with the following import dialog:

Here we can see the files stored on this SD card.

To import a new session, select the line of the session you want to import:


Q: My SD Card is not detected, what can I do ?

A: There can be some instances that your SD-Card cannot be detected, you can then try to manually select the SD Card like this:

From the screenshot above we can see that there are no SD Cards are detected.

Click on the "File Browser C:/" button to select the file browser, this will present you with the following window:

On this window go to the left pane and select "This PC":

Then select the drive and (Here we have selected USB Drive (E:)) and click Select Folder.

NB! Only select the drive with single click, do not double click, as you will go into the directory, we want to select the whole drive.