This post relates to configuration of a TPM100 connected to the Smart Dash mobile application


  • iOS based device
  • Smart Dash application downloaded from the App Store or Test Flight

Smart Dash app installation

The Smart Dash app supporting the TPM100 is currently in Test Flight beta program.

The current URL for testers is:

Click the link with your iOS device, and it will open up the app store and help you install the Apple Test Flight application that in turn installs the Smart Dash application.

Inside the Test Flight application click on the Smart Dash application and click install

Then click on "Open" to start the SmartDash application

The Smart Dash application will now start and present a screen like this:

Select "Allow While Using App", this is for selecting tracks based on your location.

Next the application will ask you for permission to use Bluetooth, this is needed to connect to Situne devices such as the Data Acquisition Hub (DAH280) and other devices you want to use in Smart Dash, select "OK"

Next the base screen of Smart Dash is shown

From here we will continue by adding a TPM100 device

Touch the "Menu" button

Then touch the "SETUP" menu option

You have now entered the main setup menu, to add a new TPM100 device, touch the "Add new device" line

This will show the next screen, here one TPM100 and one VLM200 device has been found.

Touch the TPM100 device to add it to Smart Dash

The Smart Dash application will then read the versions and all info from the TPM100 device.

After the interrogation of the device is complete, you will return to the main setup screen

Touch the Close button to go back to the main screen

Next step is to add tiles for Tire Pressure and Tire Temperature, this is done by clicking the "Menu" button and selecting "Gauges". This will present the following screen

To add a gauge, touch the "Add Tile" (plus sign), you will then be presented with the channel list.

For the TPM100, the channels are automatically added, so you will be presented with this channel list:

To add a tire temperature tile, click on the "Tire FR Temp" channel and you will be presented with a tile type selector:

We recommend using the "Large Four Channel Vertical Bar Graph Tile" since this is developed specifically for the TPM100. Touch the line to select the tile type

You will then be presented with the tile configuration menu (Image below has been composited, you must scroll on screen to see all options):

To add all channels, you will need to touch the "Channel" 2, 3 and 4 lines to map these to the other Tire temperatures. 

You will be presented with the channel list, and then one can map these channels like shown in the picture below

After the mapping has been done, touch the "Save" button to store the tile configuration and bring back the tile screen grid menu

The tile can now be dragged to the position which is desired

To add the pressure, touch the "Add Tile" plus sign again and select the "Tire Pressure FR" on the channel list.

There after select the other pressure channels in the tile configuration like this

Touch the Save button again to return to the tile grid, move the tile in place.

Click the Save button to go back to the Smart Dash main screen:

The live values will be displayed, and the configuration is now complete.

The Smart Dash application will automatically connect and display values when started and the TPM100 is powered up.