Introduction:  This guide shows you how to access the stored data files in the Off Camber Data folder on your Windows computer. This is usefull if you need to re-install Off Camber Data on a new PC and want to transfer over the old log files. Please note: Do this process before you start up the new installation for the first time!

1. Turn on the visibility for "hidden files" on your Windows computer.

In the file browser window: View / Options (opens the Folder Options dialog box) / View (Click on view tab) / Turn on "Show hidden files, folders and drives". Click Apply and OK.

2. Locate the hidden folder and copy all the data contained inside it.  In a standard installation the file path would be as follows: 

C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local\OffCamberData

(if you have a Trackattack installation you will find a "Trackattack" folder in the same path)

The folder should look like this:

3. After you have installed Off Camber Data software on a new Windows PC you should paste in all the files, at the exact same file path. Please remember you have to do this process before you start up the OCD software for the first time on the new PC. You might need to do a new install if you already have used the software on your new .