Abstract: Here is a guide on how to create a custom track (like for example a rally or drifting stage). This guide also include how to make split points on a new track. Its not possible to add split points to an existing track from our database, but you can create your own track with your own split points.

1. Click on the Track icon on the top menu.

2. Click + symbol and give your new track a name.

3. In this example, we call our new track "New one". Check that your new track appears in the list.

4. Now you have to apply this new track to your stored session, for example, your own rally stage. You need the GPS trace from your log to be able to define start/stop and splits later on.

Right click on the session (red square) and choose "Edit session". Now choose your newly created track from the list and click ok.

5. Now click on "Tracks" in the top menu (as in step 1). Choose your new track from the list and click the "Edit..." button

6. Drag right left in the graph to define your start/finish line., then add splits if you want (green markers).  On a rally stage you can use the split point as your finish line (on a closed track start/finish is always the same point) 

Your new custom track now got a defined start/stop line, and split point witch enables you to use sector times.