In this post we will go in depth on setting up the DAH-280's CAN-Bus from the Smart Dash iOS App.


  • DAH-280 connected to +12V and GND of the vehicle and powered up
  • CAN-Bus lines connected to CAN-Bus lines of the ECU in the vehicle
  • Unit has been added to the phone app (See separate howto post)

CAN-Bus setup

On the main screen of the app select menu button:

Then select the setup option:

Then select your device from the list:

The DAH-280 settings menu will then be shown, the CAN-Bus #1 is the options at the top

The first thing one needs to setup is whether or not the electronic termination should be on or off, touch the button to turn on or off termination:

The next thing we need to configure is the protocol which the ECU communicates. This is selected by touching the CAN1 Protocol option:

Then scroll through the options to select the protocol you want to use, and touch "Select":

The CAN-Bus protocols implemented by 17.02.2020 are:

  • Not Used - CAN-Bus #1 not used
  • EFI Euro 8 (Situne Setup) - Protocol used for EFI Euro 8 setup with Situne's custom protocol, also used for Link 4G+ ECUs setup with custom streams
  • Megasquirt 3 Dash Protocol - Setting used with MS3 setup with dash protocol enabled
  • Motec M1 Series Stream - Protocol used by Motec M1 Series setup with Basic CAN Stream
  • ECU Master EMU Protocol - ECU Master's custom protocol used on EMU Black and other ECUs
  • Haltech V1 Protocol - Haltech CAN based ECU protocol
  • AEM - AEM ECU's running with extended CAN-Bus addresses
  • Emtron Predefined 1 - Emtron based ECU's setup to transmit Emtron Predefined message set #1
  • SC Typhoon - SC Typhoon based ECU's setup for BMW E60 M5 Engine
  • BMW E46 Dashboard Stream - Stream from E46 Dashboards
  • MaxxECU Standard CAN Stream - MaxxECU based ECU's protocol
  • Situne Smart Dash Protocol - Situne specific protocol
  • Fartstrup Protocol - Fartstrup CAN Bus Protocol used on FFJ-108-1

After this the CAN-Bus #1 Speed must be setup :

Select the correct speed from the list and touch "Select":

The CAN #1 Channel list will now appear, and let you select which channels should be uploaded to Track Attack.

After this step the CAN-Bus #1 setup is complete, touch the Save button to write CAN-Bus #1 configuration into DAH-280:

Congrats, you have setup the CAN bus connection on your DAH280 !