Abstract:  As of v121, TrackAttack desktop application cannot export videos with telemetry overlay. This is a feature that we have on our list of features we want to implement in the future. Until this functionality has been implemented, we can use DashWare. We have made a data profile you can use with DashWare.


  • Track Attack Desktop Application installed
  • DashWare application installed, downloaded from here
  • TA Dashware Profile, you can download it at the bottom of this article (attachment)
    • Copy the profile into the following directory:
      C:\Users\{Your Username}\Documents\DashWare\DataProfiles


  1. Open the session you want to export in TA Desktop Application
  2. Select File->Export Session Data->for DashWare

    This will show the "Select Channels" dialog, as shown above, select the channels you want to export, and then click export and select a file name and click OK.
  3. Close Track Attack Desktop App and Open DashWare
  4. Create a new project in DashWare
  5. Click the '+' button on the "Data Files" section on the left, shown in the screenshot with an orange circle
  6. After clicking the + button a dialog appears showing the "Add Data File" window. Click on the "Browse" button to select the data file you created in step 2 and click the "Open" button

  7. Click on the "Choose a data profile" pull-down menu and select the Off-Camber-Data-V2 profile

  8. Click on the "Add" button, the file is now loaded and you should see the map as shown in the below screenshot:

  9. You can now click the "Synchronization" tab to look at the data and play it back.
  10. Load video file and sync with the data
  11. Export video with telemetry.